Hey Tolu

Costumes for the short-film “Hey Tolu”, directed by Alex Stockton.

Designed in Winter 2012, for “Stories Growing Films” at Dartmouth College.

In “Hey Tolu”, a college student, Ade, struggles with his schoolwork and his familial ties; his brother Tolu was injured during a car accident and Ade feels as though it was his fault.

The costumes were challenging to manage. As a student-run organisation, Stories Growing Films had limited funding, meaning that the costumes we actually purchased did not exactly match my initial designs; rather we hunted until we found something that was similar or had the same effect. My initial sketches can be downloaded here (NOTE: the scene with the scholar’s outfit was cut out of the final movie):

Hey Tolu Costumes

You can watch the movie here.

Click on the images below for a larger version and a brief commentary:

Ade and Tolu


Ade - Final Scene


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