Live Drawing

Live Drawing from Sharang Biswas on Vimeo.

My second attempt at Live Drawing, in Shantell Martin's "Drawing on Everything" Class. I made this in Sketchbook Pro while listening to "King and Lion heart" by Of Monsters and Men.


Drawing with Unorthodox Methods

For our first assignment, Shantell asked us to “make some marks” using unorthodox substances and techniques. I ended up using milk, olive oil, soy sace, juice from a jar of olives, cayenne pepper and turmeric.

13913880055801) I mixed up the milk, oil and olive juice:1391385936497

2) I used my ravioli cutter to apply the mixture to the paper:IMG_20140202_190929_458 IMG_20140202_190542_307

3) Baked that sheet for a little while. Unfortunately, while the milk burnt and made some cool black spots, the rest of it just spread out and made the paper translucent.IMG_20140202_191837_168

4) So I mixed up some cayenne, turmeric and water in a pestle and mortar…IMG_20140202_192222_044

5) And used the pestle to apply spots of colour.


6) I then baked that so the spices would form an interesting texture and then added a splash of soy sauceIMG_20140202_193734_923